Machine Intelligence Conference

Nov. 3rd, 2018 - 6th Floor of MIT Media Lab


This Conference

The Machine Intelligence Conference will be held annually by all constituent MIC schools. Our mission for this conference is to democratize machine intelligence, promote diversity, build community, and inspire the next generation of researchers and engineers.

Application Timeline: Due to an exciting amount of interest and an unfortunate lack of space we will not be able to accept every attendee application. To ensure as many people as possible can attend, we are accepting applications on a rolling basis. The first round of acceptances will be sent out September 15th and confirmation responses are due September 22nd. The second round of acceptances will be sent out September 23rd and confirmation responses are due September 30th. If there are still spots available after the second round, we will allow a limited number of walk-ons day of the conference. Please be aware that if you are accepted but do not confirm your spot will be given to another.

Please Note: There is a limit of 350 attendees to this inaugural conference. Student applications will be prioritized and non .edu emails will not receive a confirmation email, but will not lose a place in the application queue. Attendees must be 18 years of age or older - attendees in high school will be asked to show a photo ID.

The Machine Intelligence Community - MIC

The idea behind the Machine Intelligence Community originated from the MIT Machine Learning Reading Group. The reading group started with students looking for an environment to learn about research advances in machine learning. The Machine Intelligence Community currently has branches at MIT, Boston University, Harvard, and Tufts.

The Machine Intelligence Community has a set of core values it stands to uphold. All Machine Intelligence Community organizations must uphold these values.

1. Openness. The Machine Intelligence Community is inclusive and diverse.

2. Education. We aim to provide surface area for intellectual engagement. Our primary focus is teaching members and the community at-large about machine intelligence.

3. Community. By doing this, we hope to cultivate and connect communities and like-minded students to accelerate progress in machine intelligence.

Location Info

6th Floor of MIT Media Lab

"The MIT Media Lab is an interdisciplinary research laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, growing out of MIT's Architecture Machine Group in the School of Architecture. Its research draws from technology, media, science, art and design. As of 2014, research groups included neurobiology, biologically inspired fabrication, socially engaging robots, emotive computing, bionics, and hyperinstruments" - Wikipedia

Address: 75 Amherst St, Cambridge, MA 02139

Our Community

MIT Logo

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

We are a community of undergraduates aimed at promoting and fostering the growing interest around machine intelligence on campus. We currently hold weekly discussions on the latest papers in the field, and also plan to organize crash courses, host speakers, and arrange competitions around machine intelligence at MIT.

Boston University Logo

Boston University

Boston University Machine Intelligence Community is an organization focused on providing opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to learn about machine intelligence in a community environment. We are a student-led research group sponsored by Boston University's Rafik B. Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science and Engineering, BU Software Application and Innovation Lab (SAIL), and BU Spark.

Harvard Logo

Harvard University

We are a community of undergraduates at Harvard aiming to promote and foster interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence. We host technical workshops on advanced topics in machine learning, work on challenging real-world problems, discuss the current state of the field, and - most importantly - attempt to create a friendly and collaborative environment both for aspiring machine learning researchers and also for people who have just taken their first step into the fascinating and mysterious world of artificial intelligence. We seek to equip everyone with knowledge in machine learning and artificial intelligence and prepare them to face the new wave of the future.

Tufts logo

Tufts University

Tufts offers several courses dealing more broadly with machine learning, but currently no focused curriculum geared towards modern deep learning. Tufts MIC aims to foster interest and research in machine intelligence on campus in an undergraduate-friendly environment. We host workshops and guest lecturers, coordinate group coding projects, and collaborate with the Tufts Machine Learning Reading Group to cover the latest machine intelligence breakthroughs.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Conference Committee

Head Coordinators
Justin Chen, Ajay Jain, Nikhil Murthy
Workshop Coordinator and Community Outreach
Dan Pechi
Panel Coordinator
Mirac Suzgun
Website Coordinator
Devin de Hueck
Finance Coordinator
Isaac Wolverton
Diversity Scholarship Chair
Chloe Kaubisch
Sponsorship Chair
Charles Ma
Tammy Qiu