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Machine Intelligence Conference 2018 Schedule

Multi-purpose Room

Silverman Skyline Room

Lecture Hall

Winter Garden Room

8am - 10am

Check in and Breakfast

9am - 10am

Keynote Livestream for Overflow

9am - 9:10am

Conference Kickoff

Justin Chen, MIC

9:10am - 9:30am

Opening Industry Keynote

Matt Scott, Malong

9:30am - 10am

Opening Research Keynote

Leslie Kaelbling, MIT

10am - 10:30am

Real-World Adversarial Examples

Jessy Lin, MIT

10:30am - 11am

Spatio-temporal Grounding in Visual Data

Sarah Bargal, Boston University

11am - noon

Coffee Break

11am - 11:30am

RISE: Randomized Input Sampling for Explanation of Black-box Models

Vitali Petsiuk, Boston University

11:30am - noon

The Sounds of Pixels

Hang Zhou, MIT

noon - 1:30pm


noon - 1pm

Women in MI Lunch

1:30pm - 2pm

Your Children and AI

Olivia Koshy, UC Berkeley

1:30pm - 2pm

Performance Boosting Methods in Semi-Supervised NLP Neural Net Environments

Thalia Rossitter, Simmons University

2pm - 2:30pm

TimbreTron: A WaveNet(CycleGAN(CQT(Audio))) Pipeline for Musical Timbre Transfer

Sheldon Huang, University of Toronto

2pm - 2:30pm

Moment of change: Predicting Cognitive Restructuring in Online Mental Health Forums

Yada Pruksachatkun, NYU

2:30pm - 3pm

The Semantic-Hypnotic Model of Music Perception

Ari Brown, Tufts University

2:30pm - 3pm

What can artificial intelligence teach economics?

Guy Aridor, Columbia University

2:30pm - 4:30pm

Coffee Break

3pm - 3:30pm

Multilingual Text Search in Image Collection

Jessica Edwards, Harvard College

3pm - 3:30pm

Creating Synthetic Data for Deep Learning Applications

Mona Jalal, Boston University

3:30pm - 4pm

Learning with text-based games

David Tao, McGill University

3:30pm - 4pm

Deep Learning for ELVO Stroke Detection

4pm - 4:30pm

Targeted Dropout and Bitrot: Simple and Effective Techniques for Sparsification and Quantization

Aidan Gomez, University of Oxford

4pm - 4:30pm

Using Quality-of-Life Scores to Guide Prostate Radiation Therapy Dosing

Giulia Pintea, Simmons University

4pm - 5:10pm

Keynote Livestream for Overflow

5pm - 5:10pm

Closing Remarks

Dan Pechi, Tufts University MIC