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Olivia Koshy

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Olivia is currently a senior at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science. She leads Machine Learning at Berkeley, a student org aimed at fostering an ML community at Berkeley, and also works on research with the Berkeley Law School's Human Rights Center on the intersection of AI and Children's rights. She's previously worked on Facebook ML and Probability teams as well as Skydio's Computer Vision team.


Your Children and AI


It is no longer a secret or a myth that the use of machine learning will have a direct impact on our lives. The next generation of children will be most affected by this technology, as they will be born and raised surrounded by big data collection and ML systems that will, amongst others, make decisions regarding their future in numerous capacities. Because of this exponential advancement of technology in the past years, the current international framework that protect children’s rights does not address most of the issues at stake with the development and usage of AI. The impact and intersection with human rights and particularly children’s rights is one of the most pressing issues that not just principal stakeholders, corporations and States, should be addressing, but also conversations those working with this technology first hand should be engaging in.